PUBG GFX+ Tool (With Advanced Settings) v0.16.7 Cracked APK

PUB Gfx+ Tool

Experience “Winner Winner, Chicken  Dinner ” in ultra graphics setting 

Basic Graphics Settings :

  • 1080 Resolution: Change the resolution of the game.
  • HDR Game Graphic: Unlock the HDR graphics on low end devices.
  • Extreme FPS: Unlock the Extreme FPS level.
  • Style: Change graphics style setting.
  • Shadow:.Enable and disable shadow.
  • Shadow Quality: Select the shadow quality.
  • Shadow Resolution(Pixel): Change the size of shadow pixel.
  • 4xMSAA: Enable and disable Anti Aliasing.
  • MSAA Level: Select the MSAA Level.
  • Anisotropy Level: Select the Anisotropic filtering(AF) level.

Miscellaneous Settings :

  • Graphics Rendering Level: Enhance the quality of graphics.
  • Detail Mode: Change the detail of graphics with different profiles.
  • Light Effects: Enable/disable light effects in game.
  • Save My Layout & Sensitivity Settings: Prevent resetting of game layout & sensitivity settings.

Advance Settings:

  • Zero Lag Mode + Battery Efficient: Optimized game configuration.
  • Graphic Profile: Now choose graphic according to RAM size.
  • Hardware-Accelerated Rendering: Enable support for VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+.
  • GPU Optimization: Custom OpenGL shaders.
  • Memory Boost: Boost up the game performance.
  • Smart widget: One touch to launch game without opening PUB Gfx+ app again and again.

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What’s New ?

  1. Thanks for using PUB GFX+ Tool and making us #1 GFX Tool
  2. Updated to 0.8.x(Gn, Kr), 0.9.x(Gn Beta), 0.10.x(Ch) versions.
  3. Added “Best Setting with Search” option: Now you can enjoy graphics settings of high end device like Pixel/S9/OnePlus/Poco/Note 9/Razer/Xperia XZ3/Moto Z2/OppoF9/Vivo NEX/Honor 9/Huawei P20 etc on your device.
  4. Added Safe Mode: Enjoy high graphics without worrying about getting BAN.
  5. Added Potato Graphics(Minimal texture]), Color rendering level(32/64Bit) etc.

How To Install ?

  1. Download the game from given links
  2. Copy it move it to phone if downloaded on PC
  3. Untick Unknown Sources In Settings
  4. Install
  5. Done 




PUBG GFX+ Tool (With Advanced Settings) v0.16.7 APK [2.0 Mb] | Mirror

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